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Mandana White(non-registered)
Richard, thank you so much for the wonderful photos of our SGTech and Grid Analytics events in Amsterdam. You captured the atmosphere of the events perfectly, and presented us with a very extensive set of lively photos. Its often hard to convey the scale, intimacy and energy of an event through still images, but you strike that balance with ease. I look forward to working with you on our next event. Best wishes.
Jeremy Kanes(non-registered)
I love your work Richard!
Ann Marie Pozzini(non-registered)
What beautiful photography Richard. I will be visiting Amsterdam and traveling to Delft and Haarlem next spring. Your images are very moving and I've favorited a number of them. I'm hoping that after my visit, one or more of your photos will remind me so much of my trip that I will purchase them for my home.
In the meantime, I will enjoy following you on Facebook. I look forward to seeing more of your work. (Do you photograph the flower fields at all? Or do you prefer larger landscapes?)
Jim Turner(non-registered)
I am glad too see your photos of our deployment.
Diane Moore (van Schaik)(non-registered)
I love all of your pictures. I'm Dutch by nationality and have lived in Bussum for many years. My Dad was from Amsterdam, my Mom from Eindhoven. I really miss living in the Netherlands. I used to LOVE biking in the Bussumse hei to Lage Vuursche (to the Vuursche Boer Pannekoekenhuis), and all through out the Gooi. So much beauty to be seen in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately I'm now "stuck" in Arizona. My 5 grown children live here and have children of their own. If I could afford to live in Holland a few months a year I would. I'm always terribly homesick and really enjoy your beautiful pictures to bring back memories of the years I lived there.
Wow!!! This is just a stroke of luck! Your pictures are amazing. I had the pleasure of being in the Netherlands last year for a month!! I will be back!! Your pictures make me smile, dream and my heart lives in the Netherlands!
Jennifer E. DeHaemers(non-registered)
Rich - I love your photos! It's very hard to chose which I like best but keep studying to see what I'll purchase. Thanks for sharing the beauty you see through your camera lens!
rich are a very professional photographer, it's really fun to work with him. He is creative and gives good feedback how you can do it! I can recomment him!
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